General Use Face Mask 600PK - Blue

General Use Face Mask 600PK - Blue


FLTR General Use Masks feature a lightweight 3-layer design that includes melt-blown polypropylene and comfort layers. A fully adjustable nose piece and soft elastic ear loops create an optimum fit. The result is an easy-to-use and reliable way to cover your nose and mouth.




    • 3-Layer Construction – Lightweight design with comfort layers and melt-blown polypropylene layer.
    • Adjustable Fit – Fully adjustable nose piece and comfortable elastic ear loops.
    • Independently Tested Performance – FLTR’s 3-stage quality control and testing process includes performance testing by independent 3rd party labs.
    • Single Use Design – Face masks can accumulate dirt and moisture over time, degrading their performance and comfort. Discard after use.

    These masks are not personal protective equipment and are not intended as replacements or substitutes for personal protective equipment. These products are not intended for medical use or to prevent any disease or illness. Each mask is intended for single use only - discard immediately after use.