Anti-Fog Face Shield 10PK

Anti-Fog Face Shield 10PK


The FLTR Anti-Fog Face Shield can help protect against large airborne particles. The 180° shield offers full face protection, especially when combined with a face mask as recommended. The lightweight design uses acrylic frames to fit to the face for maximum comfort. The shield itself features an anti-fog coating and is shatterproof, cleanable, and reusable. 




    • Full Face Protection - The FLTR Face Shield offers 180° full face protection from airborne droplets. 
    • Comfortable Fit - The design features eyeglass style acrylic frames to fit the shield to your face.  
    • Enhanced Face Shield - The face shield itself features anti-fog protectant on both sides and is made using PET material. PET is not only recyclable; it is also shatterproof. 
    • Cleanable and Reusable - This face shield is intended for multiple uses by the same user. Just follow the cleaning and disinfection instructions in the use instructions and you can reuse the shield.